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the drugs i took seemed to light up my brain. suddenly i realized the power i held, the power to rule, to make the world grovel at my feet | The Invisible Man (1933), via the-dark-city.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou

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Norman’s Walk // Jon Brion

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Sleeping Beauty (1959) concept art by Eyvind Earle

Sleeping Beauty (1959) concept art by Eyvind Earle

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You think just because there’s bad people that there’s no good ones either? I thought the same thing for a while. But there’s always someone out there for you. Somewhere.

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Quatre chats assis. Egypte, 664-332 av. J.-C.


Quatre chats assis. Egypte, 664-332 av. J.-C.

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Kingdom Dance | Tangled | Alan Menken

Literally my favorite track from the entire movie. I hum this to myself all the time. Totally the current soundtrack of my life. 

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So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my feelings about this movie was a simple solution. DRAW ALL THE DRAGONS. Guys go see HTTYD 2, hands down it was probably the best animated film I’ve seen in a while.

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